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Q: Tell us about the book, what is 'Soul Break'? 

A: "Soul Break brings together a range of characters with different backgrounds, different histories, and who essentially are worlds apart and tells the stories of these characters who are seemingly unaware that they are not alone in the tribulations of their lives - whatever the severity. There's a mixture of a few elements in here, comedy, romance, thrills and suspense  and in all of this these characters find themselves seeking not only redemption from their torments but freedom from the burdens of secrets and lies.Behind the action and thrills of the book, they are real people with real problems and the point of the story is aimed at these people letting go of the past and the torments of their actions in order to also free themselves of the trouble they find themselves in amidst the chaos unfolding at the mine.In order for them to free themselves of the burdens of their lives and start to live again, they have to reach the final cross roads of their 'souls' whereby they will decide on letting go or moving backwards. This is the shedding of the past, the demons, the issues, the troubles and the things people harbour deep down inside. It is letting go, it is the soul break." 

                                 - Lynel Coetzer July 14th 2016